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I strive to bring an inclusive and comfortable environment to all of my clients. You should feel heard & feel fabulous! Getting in front of the camera can be nerve wracking, I aim to create a space where you can be yourself, feel confident & be vulnerable so we can create some gorgeous portraits!

I describe myself as a "chronic creative and all around goofball". I love to create, geek out over TV shows, tell stories, make people laugh, and hear about people's passions (tell me about the podcast you've been obsessed with! I wanna hear about it!) In my free time you can find me crafting, listening to music, playing board games with friends and, on free weekends, going camping! 


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I'm Lauren!

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Give structure, while allowing natural interactions to shine through. 

I want personalities to come through in my images, but I don't want to leave you hanging. I'll give direction for how to stand, where to put your hands, etc. so you're not totally lost. But then allow you to have some natural interaction so your relationships show up in frame!

My approach      to portraits

Where it started...

In middle school, my family moved away from my hometown, I asked my parents for a point and shoot camera to take pictures with my childhood best friends (lets be honest, it was to take myspace pictures) I ended up taking the camera out to take pictures of nature, images of flowers, landscapes, etc. My mom, who is an artist, was excited to see me excelling at an art, immediately started looking up photography college programs. Which at the time, I thought was ridiculous. If only I knew....

Where it took me...

Moving on to high school, I took every class for photography that I could. All the while I was doing photoshoots with friends as much as I could. The first time I was compensated for a photoshoot was at age 16 or 17, thus beginning my professional photography career! I then entered a commercial digital photography program at Harrington College of Design in Chicago. Turns out my mom's hunch was right, mom was right, go figure!

The beginning of weddings

I graduated college at the end of 2011. Out of high school I thought I was going to go into fashion photography, I loved editorial. I ended up buying a lens off a guy on craigslist, I went with my brother to go pick it up. After a quick chat with the guy, I left with my new lens, just hours later I received an e-mail from him asking if I would be interested in second shooting a wedding with him. Weddings scared me, so much pressure! But I agreed. I left the wedding feeling exhilarated (and exhausted) and I haven't looked back since! 

This photo was taken at the first wedding I was hired to shoot

Where we are now

10+ years later and I still love what I do. Coming from college I never would have guessed this is where my path would lead, but I'm so thankful it did. I have been able to meet so many awesome people and witness so much love and joy. So many one-of-a-kind, intimate, meaningful moments. I do not take my job for granted, I am so lucky to be trusted with your memories.


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