I completely understand that your wedding and your wedding photos are just that, an investment.
I make it my goal to capture you, your day, your family, etc. in a way that tells a complete story. As you look back at your photos I want you to be able to relive each moment as if it was yesterday.

A calming presence

I pride myself on bringing a calm energy to your session/wedding. Both sessions and weddings bring their own unique challenges and stresses. I aim to make sure that that stress is as minimal as I'm able to influence it to be. When stress arises I do my best to bring the stress down. I am a great problem solver, I was raised by the female embodiment of MacGyver, and as I say all the time "this ain't my first rodeo"! Even in high stress moments (like family formals) I do my darnedest to keep everyone relaxed and get though things as painlessly as possible!

Prepared for
whatever your day brings

Every wedding day is different, so I like to prepare myself, both prior to the wedding day, as well as day of. I get as much information as I can ahead of your day so I know the ins and outs of your wedding before I even arrive. Once I arrive, I always have my trusty emergency kit with me. It includes a bunch of bits and bops that I've learned can come in handy on wedding days (safety pins, bandaids, tide togo, etc.) I'm always at the ready to rock and help out where I can.

a focus on not just you,
but those important to you

While you are the stars of the show, I know how important a role your family and wedding party play in your lives, so I want to make sure they have their moments to shine too! I try to make sure to capture those moments with those close to you, because those connections are important too! 

Organized & ready to keep
you on top of your busy timeline

Timeline is one of the bigger questions couples have questions about when reaching out. Rest assured I am more than happy to help you tackle that hurdle! I always lend advice for making your day run as smoothly as possible, I write up a timeline for your day a couple weeks ahead of the day whether you have a planner or timeline set in place or not. Even if you don't have a coordinator keeping pace, I am able to act as the pace car as well. I do my best to keep everything running on time when it's possible. 

Ready to share any & all of my wedding knowledge to help make your day as smooth as possible

I am pretty much an open book! If you have a wedding question, always feel free to ask! I don't know everything, but like I said "not my first rodeo", I've gathered a lot of knowledge about what works and what doesn't when it comes to wedding days.
We are all on the same team, wanting things to go smoothly, so why wouldn't I want to share that! 

What to expect 


This can be a family session, senior session, maternity, headshots, etc.


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If you are interested in just booking a engagement session, without booking a wedding package.


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Wedding packages are fully customizable. The average couple spends between $4,000-$6,000 on their
wedding package. 

“Seriously, I couldn't have imagined the day any different. 

Thank you for balancing family photos so well. Feedback from everyone was that it was painless! Thank you for really giving the details attention, for being so involved, and for being a photographer who cheered us on the whole day. You made us feel so comfortable and nothing felt forced."

Laura + Drew

Patrick + Laura

Professional, reliable, flexible, friendly, and that's all before talking about how you can make two goofy people such as ourselves look like actual people and way classier than we really are 😂"

“You were beyond amazing!

“Lauren, you were
absolutely incredible!

it nice knowing that whatever you did was going to turn out beautifully. You are so incredibly talented. It was so great having you there with us. You love what you do and it really shows.

Matt + Nat

Zak + Olivia

“I could not imagine having any other photographer as a third wheel that day!"

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