Drew + Laura | Married | A Wedding At the Haight

November 15, 2017


This was a wedding full of deja vu and mild nostalgia. The maid of honor was one of my brides from 2015, and ironically is named Lauryn Miller; and Laura had come with to planning meetings with Lauryn when Lauryn was getting married, so I knew her more than most bridesmaids on the day of the wedding. (She’s awesome so it makes that easy) My second shooter, Emily, was a bride of mine that got married at the Haight last year. Just so many levels of deja vu! 

I’ve kept in touch with Lauryn and Taylor, as well as Laura. I’ve been following Laura’s creative endeavors ever since I met her. She is such a talent, and I’ve loved seeing her work. I remember creeping at the first mention I saw of Drew, trying to figure out who this tall dude was. Fast forward to last year. Lauryn texts me and tells me that Drew has, without Laura’s knowledge, booked her dream venue on her dream date (see picture on left hehe) And she just wanted give me a heads-up about the date and see if I was available! Luckily I was (and still was come December) and just had to wait for the proposal to actually happen. 
It gets me so excited when people contact me ahead of time and give me the inside scoop before the proposal actually happens! It’s happened a few times now and am filled with anticipation! It’s so fun! 

Okay now it’s time for pictures! 

Lil wedding day moment/tid-bit: So Laura, being the incredibly talented woman that she is, made all the signage for her wedding day. While she was getting her hair done, someone realized that there was an ‘e’ missing from a word on her menu board. Without missing a beat, or batting an eyelash, she flawlessly adds the ‘e’, like it was nothing. No guides, no second attempt, she just nailed it first try….she’s amazing. Again, check out her work! 

(also, this was the first time I got to see the new bridal suite at the Haight! It’s gorgeous!!!)

*everyone suddenly has something in their eye*

Drew + Laura’s wedding gallery will be ready soon, if you wish to order prints from their gorgeous day you will be able to get the gallery link from them once it is delivered! 

Ceremony Reception: The Haight | Hair: & Make-Up: Angelo Torres | Florist: Town & Country Gardens | DJ: Jordan Chapman | Catering: Q BBQ | Cake Artist: Piece a Cake | Bride’s Dress & Accessories: BHLDN, (Custom Roman Numeral Necklace by Contessa Garters) | Bridesmaids Dresses: BHLDN | Signage & Table Numbers: Woodcut Workshop Co. ///The bride herself! | Photobooth: ICON Photobooth | Invitations: Designed my Emily Will & Claire Barber | Coordinator: Katie Jerome | Associate Photographer: Emily Rowan



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