Jesse + Emilee | Married | Intimate Wisconsin Wedding

November 20, 2017

So early in my 2017 season, when I made the unexpected decision to move to a new apartment (within the same company’s portfolio of the apartment I already rented from) I had to resubmit an application and provide updated information. I got a call from Jesse letting me know that for some reason he wasn’t able to open an attachment I had sent him with tax/proof of income info (since I am not able to provide a normal pay stub being self employed) He asked me to re-send the info and if I didn’t hear back from him that was a good sign because it would mean it went through and he got it just fine. A few minutes later I get a call, I respond with “uh oh!” cause I figured it didn’t work.
“oh, no, it did go through….but you’re a photographer?”
“Do you do weddings?”
“I do!”
He went on to say that him and his fiance Emilee, who also works at the rental company, were still looking for a photographer for their upcoming wedding. A week or so later we set up a meeting and talked a bit about their plans for their wedding. They were having a smaller wedding, mostly family, and they explained that documenting the day and finding a photographer they trust was really important to them. (which is exactly what I want to hear!) 

Their wedding was the first wedding I’ve shot or attended that properly rained pretty much the entire day, with some mist breaks. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Jesse and Emilee had given me the heads up that they got a bunch of white umbrellas that people could use, so that was helpful and good to have. It ended up being gorgeous. The location we went to on the lake ended up looking like we were in the Pacific Northwest, it was breathtaking. 

I loved this moment ^^^ Emilee was ready to wear her mom’s pearls, and her mom was there to put them on. She started to put them on and realized she didn’t know how to work the clasp, explaining “he always does it!” Emilee’s dad came to the rescue! 🙂 So sweet! 

See what I mean!?!? Look at that fog! You could hardly see the lake at all! If you look at the bottom left of the picture above you can see the waves hitting the shore.

So many happy tear moments!!! 

I’ve been trying to make a more conscious effort to give couples a quick moment alone on their wedding day to just be alone and reflect, without any events or expectations being placed in front of them. (It helps because I have the “authority” to sneak the couple away for portraits, so often people don’t even realize that they’re alone AKA aren’t able to interrupt the peaceful moment) I gave these two some time at the end of portraits, as they stood on a dock, overlooking a gorgeous lake, with beautiful fall colors, I turned around after walking away and I couldn’t resist taking this snap. Such a perfect moment. 

I love how much they love their families! 

Ceremony & Reception: Lac Du Cours | Hair: Wanderlust Salon | Make-Up: Storm Artistry | Florist: Feisty Flowers  | Catering: Ono Kine Grindz | Cake Artist: Sweet Smorgasbord | Dresses: Amelishan Bridal | Tuxes: NL Suits 

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