Vince + Caitlin | Married | South Second Milwaukee Wedding

November 22, 2017

These two have such a fun wedding story! They ended up winning a contest at a local radio station for their wedding, there were tons of silly challenges, and these two just went for it full on. It’s no wonder they won the contest! (I’ll let Caitlin tell it in her own words)

“I was out of town for a weekend being a Maid-of-Honor in my 6th wedding and my mom kept texting me about this radio contest. I was busy keeping the bride happy and told my mom she was a little crazy because Vince and I weren’t even engaged yet. Anyway, I get home, look it up, and decide to enter because I have a history of making short little videos which is what the contest was calling for in its application. I went around town making clips with Vince and then compiled them and made a pretty sweet video.”



“Out of 70 videos, we got top 6 and had to come in for an interview.  From there we made top 3.  Then those three couples competed in the WKLH WEDDING GAMES every Wednesday for the month of July 2016.  We played the Newlywed Game, did trivia, made up new lyrics to the chicken dance, wrapped gifts, decorated cakes, tossed bouquets, but the most important challenge was the Celebrity Call in.  Vince and I worked so hard on reaching out to celebrities and finding connections.  We didn’t know which ones would actually call in for us, if any, but on the final day, we sat in the conference room of the radio station and just hoped and prayed that they would!

We came up with a GREAT list and they called in for us!!!! 

  • Dan Patrick (radio/TV sports personality) 
  • Jake Szymanski (director) 
  • LeVar Burton (actor) 
  • John McGivern (actor) 
  • Kyle Cherek (Foodie Personality)
  • Mark Tauscher & John Kuhn (former Packers)
  • Andy North (famous golfer) 
  • Jim Gaffigan (comedian) 
  • John McGlocklin (Former BBall player and Bucks Announcer)
  • Joe Bartolotta (restaurateur) 
  • Jerry Augustine (Former Milwaukee Brewer) 
  • Kirk Penney & Mike Wilkinson – (Former UW-Madison Basketball Standouts)
  • Kelly Sheffield – (UW-Madison Volleyball Coach)
  • Sarah Sokolovic (Actress) 
  • Keith David (Actor) 
  • Misty May-Treanor – (Decorated Sand Vball Olympian)

That list won it for us :)”

I’m sorry, but LaVar and Jim Gaffigan….so awesome! 

Now here they are! Getting to enjoy their perfect day! 

Caitlin made this backdrop for the ceremony!!! <3

We now break away from our regularly scheduled program to this random wedding day moment: A guy catching an impressive fish a few feet away from our portrait spot.

So Caitlin had requested to make a quick stop at the Domes, and I loved why. She wanted to recreate pictures that her parent’s had taken on their wedding day! 

I love seeing Liller Photo alum at weddings 🙂 Michael + Amy made it out on the dance floor for this snap! 

Ceremony: Milwaukee Grain Exchange | Reception: South Second | Hair & Make-Up: Beauticianzillas | Florist: Alfa FlowersCatering: Saz’s | Cake Artist: Rich’s House of Cakes | Dress: Bianca Bridal, Kitty ChenBridesmaids Dresses: Bill LevkoffDJ: Source 1 DJTransportation: Partridge Family Party Bus | Planner: Kate @ Savvy Bridal | Associate Photographer: Janae Katherine

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