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September 18, 2020

Wow, where do I start? There were so many levels to this one! I’ve known Matt since Freshman year of high school, so when he reached out to me about photographing his wedding, I immediately was pumped! While the original plans for his wedding were very different, when everything hit and plans started changing due to Covid-19, Matt and Nathalia never wavered in the fact that they still wanted to get married on their original date. They went back and forth as to whether they wanted to still have a reception at a later date or not. But they eventually decided that they would just have an intimate ceremony with close friends and family, in Matt’s parent’s backyard. It was surreal driving up to the neighborhood I grew up in, driving past my childhood home to get to the wedding. Just a block or two away, across from the baseball diamonds I played around while my brother played little league as a kid.

Then there’s the story of how Matthew and Nathalia met. Both of them separately, decided spur of the moment, to plan trips with their friends to Nashville. Nathalia from New Jersey, and Matt in Illinois. On a night out, Nathalia went outside the bar she was in to get some fresh air, but accidentally left her wallet/ID inside with her friend, making it so she couldn’t back in the club. By chance, Matt was walking down the street on the phone with a friend, and they made eye contact. It sounds made up! Or like the plot of a romcom! But the rest is history!

These two are so sweet, so kind, and it all makes sense when you meet their families. It was such an honor to be a part of their day.

Nathalia wore her mother’s dress (with a reception dress for later ☺️)

BRB just gonna go cry for a while.

How are those for some golden hour portraits?!??! <3 Can’t get enough. Buuuuuut….. Matt is a car guy, and so are his closest friends. He really wanted some portraits with some cars, and you think I’m gonna say no? This was so much fun.

We then headed back to the house to watch a video that Matthew’s dad had put together. It had a slideshow of each of them throughout their lives, then told the story of how they met (even had a little cameo from Meredith from the Office at the end!!!) you could tell he really put a lot of time and love into it. So many sweet moments.

Can we talk about how amazing of a job they did transforming their backyard??? It was so gorgeous!

Florist: Periwinkle Florist | Cake Artist: Tabitha Johnson | Catering: FasTacos of Woodstock | Rentals: Ed’s Rental | Dress: Vintage//Mother’s Dress | Matching Reception Shoes: Vans

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