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Where do I even begin?! This day was gorgeous from start to finish. Greg and Erin are such awesome, kind and generous. My morning started with Erin endlessly complimenting each of her bridesmaids, telling them how good they look. Mysi, my second shooter started her day goofing off with the groomsmen, taking silly portraits with […]


October 5, 2018

Greg + Erin | Married | The Haight Wedding | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

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This was a wedding full of deja vu and mild nostalgia. The maid of honor was one of my brides from 2015, and ironically is named Lauryn Miller; and Laura had come with to planning meetings with Lauryn when Lauryn was getting married, so I knew her more than most bridesmaids on the day of […]


November 15, 2017

Drew + Laura | Married | A Wedding At the Haight